Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use and Privacy

Section 1: Identifications

First Party: Shazam Company for Information Technology as the service owner.

Second Party: The service user as a body corporate.

The Website: The electronic website through which the First Party provides services for individuals and institutions, which is entitled www.iSell.ps    


On visiting or using any of the services provided by the First Party, the Second Party's agreement on the terms of use which are stated in the approved terms of use document. Additionally, the First Party is entitled to add and/or delete and/or amend any of the terms stated as necessary and according to the requirements of confidentiality and services provided by the First Party.


Section 2: New "Individuals" Account Registration:                   

  1. The First Party provides the possibility of creating a new account through the social communication websites (Facebook and Google+).
  2. If there is no wish to use the property mentioned in (1), the Second Party can register a proper username that does not oppose or contradict with the Arab culture, and in case of an improper username, the account and all related services will be suspended with no prior notice. 
  3. Providing the First Party with correct and updated information of the advertiser as well as valid contact details.
  4. An individual is entitled to have one account and in case of registering multiple accounts, all accounts will be deleted and the user will no longer be able to use the service in the future with no reasons given on the part of the First Party. 


Section 3: New "Artificial Person" Account Registration:

  1. The account creator provides the First Party with accurate information of the legal name, address, telephone number and the name of the individual authorized to use the service provided by the First Party.
  2. Providing the website with correct and updated information: the address, the company number at the companies controller, the number of the authorized worker or the tax number which identifies the corporate body of the advertiser.
  3. Each corporate (corporate body) is entitled to register one account only, and in case of registering multiple accounts, all accounts will be deleted and the user will no longer be able to use the service in the future with no reasons given. 


Section 4: Advertisements

  1. All advertisements contents (pictures, texts and any other details) published on the First Party's websites are promotional advertisements added by the registered and users of the service. Accordingly, the First Party holds no responsibility, whatsoever, and the Second Party holds the personal and artificial responsibility in case of any moral and/or financial and/or any legal or tribal disputes resulting from the Second Party's deeds. 
  2. Advertisers are confined to the right sections assigned for ads.
  3. Advertisers provide accurate and correct information describing the actual facts of the product or service being promoted.
  4. The advertisement is valid for one month starting from the date of publication. The property of republishing ads are accessible through the site's clients' area.
  5. The same ad is not to be republished within one week.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to attempt to promote any kinds of illegal or banned services and/or products, for instance (but not limited to),( selling weapons, monuments, human organs, drugs, viruses, biological and nuclear substances and all sorts of contraband staff). 
  7. All ads are automatically added (uploaded) to the website. However, the site manger is authorized to modify and/or remove any advertisement which violates the terms of the First Party with no notice or justification to the Second Party.
  8. Ads which target to raise funds without a written approval by the First Party are not allowed. The Second Party shall provide the First Party with all the required documents to ensure that the fundraising process is legal and money laundering free as well as any other possible illegal business. 
  9. 9.Ads with religious and/or any sort of racist and/or discrimination inclinations are forbidden.
  10. 10.Any sort of bad language and/or whatever is at odds with the moral codes of the country of the First and Second Parties are forbidden.
  11. All forms of defamation and/or slander are forbidden, and the Second Party is the sole responsible for such actions.
  12. The First Party is committed to investigate and remove any complained advertisement in case an ad which does not conform to the terms of use and privacy is published. 
  13. 13. Complementary to article (12) of the current section, the removal of any ad is a decision made by the First Party who is to determine whether the ad conforms to the terms of service or not.  
  14. It is forbidden to publish and/or promote any sexual product.
  15. It is forbidden to publish an ad with an external link.


Section 5: Use

  1. The mere visit of the website and the use of any of its contents is a clear acknowledgment by the user of the approval of and commitment to all the terms of the First party.
  2. All the ads published on the website solely represent their publisher who is to be held responsible for any consequences.
  3. The First Party and its administration are not to be held responsible for any ham that is consequent of visiting or using the contents of the site.
  4. The First Party is entitled to update and/or modify and/or remove any of the website's contents and the published ads without giving the reasons.
  5. The Fist Party is entitled to modify the terms of use and privacy at any time according to the business requirements, and the alterations (modifications) shall immediately be executed on being generalized on the website.  


Section 6: Tips of Secure Use

  1. Do not send money for any service provided through an ad on the site.
  2. Always pay attention to the map illustrated in the ad as it shows the location of the advertiser based on investigating the advertiser's domain. If the advertiser is outside the outside the country (of the Website), the risks are greater and the possibility of a fraud is present.
  3. Always pay attention to the language of the ad . A foreign advertiser would use unfamiliar and incorrect expressions due to translation programs and sites.
  4. In case you desire to fulfill a deal, we recommend that you meet in a public place for the sake of both parties' security.
  5. Pay attention to the price of the advertised service or product; a good percentage of ads with seducing prices are attempts of fraud.
  6. Do not send personal information to the advertiser like your full name, copy of your ID, passport or driving license, your bank account, credit card number with the aim of paying for the deal. Such documents can be abused.
  7. The First Party never asks the Second Party for financial details. In case you receive an ad, call or e-mail asking for your information, immediately delete it  and inform the First Party to make precautions in order to protect other users.
  8. In case of any sort of loss or fraud suffered by  any user of the services provided by the First Party, the first party is not to be held responsible whatsoever. The whole responsibility is the service user's. No user whatever this user's personal or artificial entity has the right to demand the First Party for any sort of financial or emotional compensation.      


Section 7: Property Rights and Copyright

1. It is strictly forbidden to use any internationally copyrighted material. On such occurrence, the user (publisher or advertiser) of such materials is the sole responsible before the judiciary and legal agencies and the First Party is not to hold any responsibility.

2. It is strictly forbidden to copy any of the website's contents; for instance (but not limited to) (photos, icons, logos, texts, ads, etc.)


Section 8: Privacy

  1. The website is built to achieve (guarantee) the highest level of privacy and security to the users' information and offers by conforming to the international standers.
  2.  The website is licensed by the American Comodo Group Inc and the certificates of encoding are acquired to protect the data in the best way possible.
  3. All the information acquired from the user or through any third party are information which facilitate communication between the First Party and the Second Party, and at the same time between the advertiser and the buyer. The First Party is entitled to use the acquired information to meet this objective.
  4. All acquired information is confidentially kept and are not to be shared with a third party unless a decree (decision) is issued by the public persecution or by court to hand the information to a given authority.
  5. The domain number of the ad publisher is strictly kept and is never revealed to a non-official authority and after the issuance of a decision by the public persecution or by court.
  6. The First Party is entitled to use the information of the Second Party for promotional campaigns purposes and sending information about latest updates and offers on the First Party's website.
  7. The First Party is entitled to modify the information seen by the public as, for instance (but not limited to) e-mail address and phone number through the modification of terms stated in the privacy section in the clients' area on the website.
  8. The protection of the logging in information is the responsibility of the Second Party and the First Party is not responsible for any consequences of losing such info by the First Party or of unauthorized use.