Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Or Sell On

Nothing, our service is 100% free.

How Do I Manage My Notifications?

To turn manage your notifications please enter the Clients area and then go to the notifications section and make the needed changes.

What Is

we are electronic marketplace where people can sell and buy stuff without any cost.

How To Add New Ads/Offers On The Website?

its so much simple, just login to your account using your email address or Social media account and then click on "+ Free offer" and fill the form and publish your offer!

How To Sign Up To

To sign up, please click on sign up button on the header and then you will have the option to sign up manually using your email address or using your social media accounts.

What Kind Of Data Do We Import From Your Social Media Account?

if you will sign up using your social media account such as Facebook or google plus, we will import your email address and your your profile picture and set them for your account with us.

Is It Safe To Use The Social Media To Sign Up?

100% safe.

How To Upgrade To Business Account?

First register as a regular client and then login inside the clients area and you will find an option to upgrade to Business account on the left side menu, click on it and then fill the needed data in the form and submit your request. we need 24-48 hours to accept or reject your request as we will work to confirm your identity and make sure that the information which you have provided is correct and reliable.

How To Make My Phone Number, Email And Website Visible On My Profile For The Users?

Step 1: Enter for the clients area and then click on the "Users profile" to make sure that you have added your details. Step 2: From the members area click on "PRIVACY" and check the required boxes and save the edits.

Is There A Limit For The Image Size Which The Client Can Add?

No, Our smart system will take any image size and then it will make the needed adjustments to fit in the website.

How Much Time It Will Take To Publish My Post?

it will be available on the website within 5 minutes

How I Can Report Any Post For The Admin To Remove It From The Website?

Please open the post page and you will find under the picture the word "Report". click on it and then fill the form and the admin will take care about it.

How Many Offers I Can Add Per Day?

You can add unlimited number of ads.

What Is The Followers List?

This list includes the people who are looking to get notifications each time you add or post an offer. As much followers do you have, as much as notification will be sent for the followers. Higher number of followers means higher rate to sell your product faster.

How To Get Higher Number Of Followers?

The best way to do this is by sharing your posts and ads on the social media such as Facebook and google plus. we have added for each post page an option to make it easy to share on the social media.

How To Contact With The Seller?

Inside each post page, there is an option named ASK, click on it and then add your question and click send. the message will be sent for the seller and he will answer you as soon as possible. you can check the seller answer inside the clients area under the INBOX section.

How I Can Share My Post On Facebook And Google Plus Pages?

Our system will choose which posts to publish on our social Media pages automatically. you don't have any control over this.

How To Edit My Offers?

Login to the clients area > Select Dashboard> Select Selling > choose the edit option under the offer which you are looking to change.

How To Change My Bid Price Of An Offer?

There are two options: 1. Login to the clients area > Select Dashboard> Select buying > choose the edit option under the offer which you are looking to change bid price. 2. Open the product page and then chose the button Buy and add the new price which you want. This action will change your bid price to the latest one.